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DJ Intangibles Top 20 Holy Hip Hop

user image 2019-07-02
By: DJ Intangibles
Posted in: Top 20 Holy Hip Hop
DJ Intangibles Top 20 Holy Hip Hop

1. Drippin, DJ Intangibles, Feat. Brotha Dre
2. Fuego, Steven Malcolm
3. Lit Lit, Bizzle
4. Own Lane, Calvin Cofield
5. Blessed Up, Wande
6. Chosen, Brotha Dre
7. Rose Gold, Allan Love x Dee 1
8. Broken Crown, Unkle Gmo feat. B Ryan & Brotha Dre
9. Losses, Flightschool
10. It's Not a Game, Derek Minor
11. Bussa Move, Curtis Lamar & K. Allico
12. Serve HIM, DJ Kideasy feat. Dre Beeze
13. Am I Trending, V. Ross feat. flame
14. Lion or Lamb, 2.0 feat. Monologue
15. Can't Tell Me Nothing, Adrion Butler Feat. GODnation
16. Noah, BRM
17. Errtime, Oliver Saint
18. Get Like That, Edot
19. Petco, 1K Phew
20. Hold Up, Brvndon P

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