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Mission Statement:

To penetrate and infiltrate every single corner and crack of the reggae-world where the presence of the gospel of Jesus Christ its not expected to be heard, thereby reaching those who would otherwise never be ministered to during that specific time and season…


"Judge not, that ye be not judged" Matt 7:1

Manger (Federico Watkins Del Cid) born April 25, 1984 in the third world country of Panama, in the city of Colon grew-up surrounded by poverty, misery, violence, and shame suffering many afflictions such as homelessness, malnutrition, adoption, juvenile incarceration, etc. Neighbors, friends and family members being shot or stabbed were almost part of the daily routine. When questioned, Federico accounted his sanity and survival to a relationship with a man who’s presence he knew for as long as he can recall, but who’s name he learned when he was just 6 years old and who seemed to always protected and rescue him from all harm, his named was Jesus Christ. At age 12 by help of his grandmother he migrated to the US and settled in Fort Lauderdale Florida where he learned he’s second language (English). In the exicitement of the new live and dispite his background he completely forgot who was keeping him. After experiencing difficulties as a Hispanic imigrant, using his last-name as certification he blended in with the Jamaican population in Fort Lauderdale, as a result he learned their dialect. Due to the strong influence of Reggae and Dancehall in Panama, at the age of 14 he began to write and rap (worldly) Reggae Music. He organized a reggae dancehall cypher that took place almost daily during his high school lunch hours, surprisingly he became one of the school’s favorite. He was also involved in advanced placement art class as one of the top students. Before graduating high school a high score in his art portafolio he recieved a scholarship to a major art college. Involved in multi-cultural and talent shows as a reggae artis, he managed to be the main performance in every show he participated in. After finishing high school, immidiate needs and family responsabilities forced him to accept the schools military recruiter’s proposal and he was given legal authorization by his mother to serve in Iraq with the US Marine Corps. from which he was discharge honorably at the conclusion of the four years enlistment. In 2006 he found employment as a life insurance agent and was one of the top 5 salesman in the country for the company. In the indulgence of his self-seeking life he never gave "true" glory to God for the many blessings in his life. So the enemy came in and began to destroy the works of his hands and after depression, disappointment, discouragement and financial disaster stole his disire to live, the Lord lead him to a church that he had once attended and disliked because of the strong presence of the Holy Spirit. He was overwhelmed and overtaken by the immense and merciful love of Jesus, it was a feeling he had not felt since the days of his childhood when the Lord Jesus used to comfort him in the mid-night hours. This took place mid 2008 and he has been serving the Lord since then and now is called to minister the gospel through music and is looking forward to touching the hearts of those appointed in heaven to be touched by the music given to him from the Lord. With sufficient experience and technical training as a audio studio engineer he started this company, not only to facilitate music production for him but also for all those other man-of-God who path are called by God to minister through music.

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