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New Chart Position For Chris Hagan Via Reverb Nation.Com

user image 2016-08-19
By: Gregboy Entertainment Group
Posted in: Expressions
New Chart Position For Chris Hagan Via Reverb Nation.Com

Looks like this Chris Hagan guy is really becoming something unique and special... Still climbing the Reverb Nation Charts... Now locally positioned in Houston at #2 moving up (5) spaces in this past week alone, and in the #2 position in the Region, (Texas)... At #23 overall in all genres Nationally. The new Album/EP "Season One", has been released this week on more than (40) different Social Media Online Music Store Outlets, iTunes, CDBABY, Spotify, SoundCloud, Amazon, Google Play, and many more, Nationally and Globally... So many are waiting for this young man to explode in the coming weeks. Soon thereafter the release of this new Album/EP "Season One", there will be an Album Release Party that will be in full effect! Stay tuned for more information abroad!

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Gregboy Entertainment Group, LLC is an Entertainment Publishing, Music Production, and Artist Management Company. Specializing in Artist Management. Chris Hagan is contractually under new Management!!

Ex-European Pro (NBL) Basketball Player, Chris Hagan, turns to new flourishing career as a new up and coming Hip Hop "Street Gospel" Artist... What a true compelling story and testimony this guy has... So inspiring and intriguing to say the least, and I am so proud, grateful, and honored to be a part of what God has brought into the realm of this young man’s life! A new hit song, called, "My Daddy's Song", (Video @ You Tube) which is nothing short of being his first number one song... It's already been claimed!!!!

Hip Hop is about to bring a whole new vibe to our city, and around the globe, with the new sounds of Chris Hagan! A global multi-talented ex-pro (over-seas) basketball player turned Hip Hop "Street Gospel" Artist, ready to take on all newcomers in fan fair! So strap your timberlands on tight young men, and grab your fly purses young ladies, it's about to be straight crazy ridiculous fun, spiritual, and realistic with Chris Hagan! Come take that ride... All positive, spiritual and inspirational for our City of Houston, throughout the Nation and beyond!!!

Discover a totally new sensation of an Artist in Chris Hagan, Hip Hop's answer to bringing back "Music That Matters", with real substance in the newly released single, "My Daddy's Song", where it can be downloaded starting now, April 2016 on cdbaby.com., iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, Google Play, and many more! The Video for “MY DADDY’S SONG” is now on You Tube!!

This single, “My Daddy’s Song” by Chris Hagan, can also be requested and heard on KTSU Radio, 90.9 FM
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