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Dj Big D
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My love for music started at an early age with my Grand mother playing piano for Lane CME church in Washington, DC where I was born. In 2003 I started volunteering at WAJC/WJIJ in Raleigh, NC. In 2004 with Dj Walt-J and AJ the Dj (Station Manager) we started "New Song Praise" (Psalm 149:1), the first FM Holy Hip Hop show in the Raleigh area. In 2008 WAJC/WJIJ closed and was eventually sold to Liberty University.

On June 13th 2012 I launch "Unleashed Radio" on which is still bringing you the best in Holy Hip Hop and Christian music. Check it out on,, or download the live365 app and search Unleashed Radio.






Dj Lace, AJ the Dj, Dj Jesusbeats, Dj I Roc Jesus, Dj Sean Blu, Walt-J
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