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Accepted ft. Michael Price Sr.

Accepted ft. Michael Price Sr.

album: Imago Dei

genre: Gospel Rap, Hip hop, Christian Rap

streams: 51

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Barretta the Psalmist
About Barretta the Psalmist
Believers and rebel reaching everyone through truth and art aka "BARRETTA" the Psalmist turned his life over to God in October of 2014 while over the road as a truck driver. Since then Jesus has manifested himself mightily and personally from visions to answered prayers ect. Unsure about Gods will for his Life Ezekiel also known as Barretta sought God on ways he could gloify him with his passion and gift in music. Since then God provided all that Ezekiel needed to go proclaim the gospel through music to reach all that God would have him.
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