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About SonOfThee
SonofThee A.K.A. A.J. Carlson, grew up in a Christian home but did not truly know Christ. Because of this, he formed insecurities that kept him bound from the abundant life Jesus had instore for him. SonofThee spent his high school years trying to please those around him and looking for acceptance in the worldly people. He failed to do so. This caused him to be dissatisfied with his life. He didn'...t realize that he was accepted as he was by Christ and the Heavenly Father.
SonofThee searched for years for a true love, a perfect love that could only come from a perfect person. He only found temporary fixes and temporary girlfriends who left him even more empty after they left as when they first came into his life. This left him in a very dark pit of dispare. Then in April on 2009 The Lord allowed SonofThee to stumble upon the right trail back to the enlightened place.
SonofThee was working one day when a coworker asked him bluntly about his walk with the Lord. It was the first stepping stone back to the path with the Heavenly Father.Throughout the next year SonofThee continued to crave that perfect love but still could not find it until one glorious day. On that day in October of 2010, SonofThee, gave himself to the Lord JesusChrist. Imediately he found a peace and a sense of belonging that he never had before. He dove into Studying the Word of Jesus Christ and participated in fellowship with other Christians. He severed ties with his past as well as the nonbelievers who held him down for so many years.
In true miraculous fashion, God graced SonofThee with a gift of Discernment as well as an amazing gift of music. SonofThee saw that the devil was using music as a weapon to sway the people of the world away from Jesus by glamorizing sex and drugs and led the youth away with dillussions of riches. It would be with this same weapon that SonofThee would bring the Children of God back to the Word.
This generation is longing for pure peace and love. Only Jesus can bring them to it. SonofThee is bringing the hope of the gospel to the hiphop world with the power and glory of the Holy Spirit to shine the light of Jesus Christ in the dark places where his fallen children have been trapped for so many years.
In Christ go in peace
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