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Rapper M.Z.J.
About Rapper M.Z.J.

Born and raised in KC, Missouri, PAMELA (previously known as MZJ) gave her life to Jesus in early elementary school and never turned back.  Had it not been for the Lord her foot would have almost slipped BUT GOD!  Today she provides Rap Lite music for her fans and all those needing a positive message whenever she gets a chance.  She is a website developer and holds a Computer Programming degree, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with emphasis in Management, and an MBA.  She is a drummer, tambourine player, and dabbles with the keyboard.  She is known for her controversial lyrical hooks like Back It Up and Like The Club.  PAMELA is always seeking to inspire people to listen and hopes to one day replace her day job with street ministry.  PAMELA is a licensed evangelist/missionary and preaches the gospel of Jesus Christ; the son of God and of the virgin Mary, crucified for our sins, resurrected with all power, and living to return again for me and you.

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