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Pastor Robert Mccloud
Pastor Robert Mccloud
About Pastor Robert Mccloud

Pastor Robert McCloud, AKA Mr. McCloud, became a born-again Christian after leaving and forsaking the street life for the call of Christ. Pastor McCloud has a great passion for the young men who are trapped by the street life, and has vowed to serve God with all his heart and to winning souls to Christ. Pastor McCloud calls his ministry THUG, meaning Truly Humbled Under God. Being converted from a life of drugs and violence to the service of Jesus Christ, Pastor McCloud has taken his street talent and has given it to God. He has turned his rap talent into poetic evangelism.

Pastor McCloud has a passion for preaching and teaching the true word of God and exposing false teachings. He believes that until you're willing to give your life for the cross, your Christian walk is in vain. Pastor Robert McCloud desires to be a blessing to every person that he comes into contact with and desires that those who hear his music may have a life changing experience.