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About mrgreality

Mr. G Reality offers good quality music with a message of hope.  His message helps all who hear it understand that you don't have to settle for or believe the lies that the world sets as the standard. His style delivers the truth in a non-religious or traditional fashion. Check out Mr. G Reality's 3rd National Release and new album “Stronger Than Ever”.  Featuring collaborations with The Outlawz Edi and Young Noble (2pac's group), Rap and Hip Hop founding father Kurtis Blow, Guinness World Record holder female rapper Suga-T (E-40 & The Click), Up and coming rock band A City Alive, rapper and scholar J is Authentic, singer songwriter Crystal Souza, Christian Gospel rap vet and actor Pettidee,  plus Judah Man, Ricky B, Mizz Reality, Mr. Treasure, G Rod, Ebonie Taylor, David Manning, Darren Patterson and K-Swirl

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