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About M.C.Righteous
 This is Evangelist Timothy Carter ..the founder of Straight From the Heart Productions..Started doing ministry in October 1987 where he was commissioned to go forth by Elder Schadrach Brown Jr of Garden Of Prayer #7 in Roanoke , Virginia.He is a man of many talents and gifts.. He is a Chef who went to The Culinary School of Washington in Fairfax, Virginia.He is a Musician, Minister, Singer, Songwriter, Poet and Producer. He is an entrepreneur with his soon to be clothing line coming out.. "Righteous Wear.".He is a father who luves his children. Evangelist Carter was born in Roanoke, Virginia and went to William Fleming High School class of 87..He graduated late in his class dued to lack of self-esteem and searching for some hope.. He was raised in the foster care system in Virginia for 21 years..moving from different foster homes but had 6 of the most sisters and brothers that he luved who was his protectors or his angels.. Wanda Brown.(New Jersey) -Billie and Barbara Davis Coles(both deceased)-Joan McFadden(Danville, V.a.)and Gary Clark (Roanoke, Virginia) .His beloved Auntie and his oldest brother...Allen Reed(Roanoke,Virginia.
Evangelist Carter was considered mentally retarded by the state of Virginia but never realized his calling until later years.. He is a soildier marching with the orders that the Lord has given him and with much inspiration he is still yet climbing that ladder of hope as the Lord gives it to him.. theLord uses him in prophetsy at times ..but he is not a person who relies on titles.. He ministers to the body of Christ and has ministered with some of Gospels great talent such as Dorothy Norwood, Vicky Winans, Stehen Wiley( the godfather of Christian rap).ETW,Vanessa Bell Armstrong etc and many others.. He is a Worshipper.. one who luves to praise God and give him total praise...The Lord gave him the name.. M.C.Righteous which stands for My- Christ- .(is) Righteous. in other words living in right standing with Christ...soon he will be having a book out entitled.. Born to be an M.C..-A book that shares his life story with the world.. his pains and struggles that he had to endure to become the soildier that the  Lord  entended for him to be.He was trained in the area of Evangelism under Thy Word is Truth Ministries(Evangelist Joseph Trinidad -North Carolina and worked with different youth organizations and churches.(Pastor Winston Lynch)...He has involved himself with Prison Ministries, Nursing Homes, Schools etc and goes as the Lord tells him to.He is a soildier committed to the call in these last days.. he is M.C.Righteous-

Evangelist Carter was able to finally meet up with his real family at an older age who resided in Roanke, V.A.but with much pain through the system was not able to be with his family but as years went on.. Evangelist Carter ran away from V.A. to his mother (Evvie Louria Carter) and has the most wonderful brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews that he Luv's dearly... but this is not all the story.. Evangelist Carter is also a recording artist doing all forms of Gospel music...with his
He is also married and has 6 children.. 2 which are older named Darcelle and Destiny Carter  who lives in New York ..He originates now out of Lima,Ohio and is a part of the group Royalty Trybe...
Royalty Trybe, Lil Nova Yeah, The Winans, TCO,AllGod.T-Rock
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