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M.A.X. Ministries
About M.A.X. Ministries

M.A.X. Ministries was formed by J.i.C. , The C.O.C. , and ON-S.T. from the Christian hip hop group Unseen Word a few months ago. The members of M.A.X. do projects together but also do solo projects as well but it all comes out of one roof M.A.X.Ministries! Right now there first colab project Crank it To Tha M.A.X. is avaleable but solo projects are soon coming! M.A.X. Ministries is totaly non profit which means we give everything away for free! M.A.X. Ministries is about loving God and loving people and each member strives to live that out in there own personal lives as well!

Ron Daniel, The Demonslayer, Milke Streezy, JD Eyebrows, RENU, Rapid Fire, Bizzle
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