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Man On Fire Ft. K-Drama "Here I Come" *Official Video*

Man On Fire Ft. K-Drama "Here I Come" *Official Video*

Category: Autos & Vehicles
Duration: 00:04:00
About Manonfire1220

Anthony “Man on Fire” Andrews is from Kalamazoo, MI. He is married and a father of 2 children. Man on Fire has been a part of various mixtape projects including Kingdom Principals pt 1 and 2, hosted by HolyWood Records. There is a single available entitled “Here I come” featuring K-Drama. There is also a video for the song, shot and directed by D-Maub. The video has aired on national T.V and has been seen overseas in the U.K and Sweden. Man on Fire has had a wide variety of his music played various radio stations such as Tyesa talk’s morning radio and TYT radio. Man on Fire has also been a guest on various radio show such as UPNXT Radio, Thunderstorm radio, Holy Ghost radio and TYT Radio. Man on Fire has been “dissed” on some secular radio shows and by social media, BUT HE WILL NOT STOP! The church he attends is called “Stone Church” and he is a part of the intercessory prayer team, the ministry team and an assistant to pastoral leadership. Man on Fire has many influences and describes them as his coaching staff. With Jesus being the Head Coach all these influences are considered coordinators for areas of his life. Here is Man on Fire in his own words.


What brought me to Christ? Life! I was at one of my lowest points. I was going to commit a very stupid act of violence that would have put me in prison for a long time. The day before I was going to do what I was going to do I was invited to church. And the rest is history. I do not have a dramatic testimony but I will inspire many. I received the name “Man on Fire” in 2009. I was driving home from Church and I was praying about abandoning my current stage name “A.N.T”. At the time I was not involved with music, but I knew I would end up there. My style at the time was very militant. I was all about punching the devil in his face, blowing up hell, waking up and doing it again the next day. So as I was talking to God, I threw out some names like “Navy Seal”, “The General” I believe the name “Hand Grenade” came up at one point. Then all I heard was “Man on Fire”. I just said ok and went with it. I never ask why, I just went with it. I did not get involved with music till 2013. Then I discovered as I made each song there was a level of passion that I could not contain. It was like starting a fire that went wild. Then I began to notice when people would listen to my music they would get either excited or inspired. Then it started dawned on me. When something is set aflame it is easy to ignite other things around you. My overall passion is to minister the encounter of God through my music into the lives of people.


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