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Who U Are

Who U Are

album: It In Tha Muzik

genre: Holy Hip Hop

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Kingdom Kid
About Kingdom Kid

Steven “Kingdom Kid” Barnard is a 24 year-old, Christian Rapper, who is a native of Savannah Georgia where he also resides. Being the “son of our King”, as described by Steven, he has chosen the stage name “Kingdom Kid”, symbolizing the spiritual blood line that he reigns from and represents. He was born September 14, 1986 to Steven Barnard Sr. and Valarie Reynolds. He’s a member of Hardeeville Full Gospel Deliverance Ministries of Hardeeville, SC in wherein his ministry began to shed light. Under the covenant of whom he refers to as “spiritual parents,” Apostle Michael and Pastor Roleatha Brown. Steven   He thanks God for the ministry that God has given him. He thanks GOD for keeping him through his life in the streets. From the age of 15 he left home and became addicted to the streets, thug life, selling drug, sex and doing drugs. Convicted to prison several time in his life span his life seemed to hit rock bottom; then giving up he drove towards suicide. As he describes it “GOD sent him a key to his future,” and that was his wife in whom he married. He and his wife Donna Barnard  bear 4 kids named: Akeelah, Zyteah, Malijae and Steven. Ministering in gospel hip hop has become a passion for him. He says “Praise is his Passion, through this he ministers to other individuals about the goodness, greatness, and faithfulness of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.  My goal is to help young men to know”  Through Love and Kindness Jesus Christ draws all, “I am no longer a victim of this crime rate but a born again Christian with a new mind state”. For his quote is “For I stand on his word and I walk in his shadow thus am I called Kingdom Kid

Jesus Christ & Tha Bible
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