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About Jerusalemm

Jerusalem known for his street flavor, and melodic hooks, is dropping that flavor in your ear. Jerusalem  has been dedicated to his craft for 10+ years and has produced many classics along the way. He is a mentor to all who know him, being talented as a musician, singer, songwriter, as well as a lyricist, Jerusalem can create songs that touch lives. His music makes you laugh, cry, and think. Jerusalem can do anything when it comes to music. Jerusalem prides himself on his southern Christian upbringing, and recalls the days when he wrote songs for his very own gospel choir at the tender age of 15.  At age 18 he was mentored by one of the greatest producers/songwriters of our time, Leon Sylvers III. Soon he was blessed with another opportunity to co-write with Dem Twinz Productions on various projects. In 2000 Jerusalem was given another opportunity of a lifetime to perform with Doug E. Fresh, Rob Base in Missouri, and Jon B in South Carolina and various other artists.  Presently he has signed on as Divine Records Management's first Christian hip-hop artist. He is now ready to embark on his God given purpose to help bring the world together through music and the power of praise. Peace and Prosperity.