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@j-lynch • 7 years ago • comments: 0
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Spittin' Vol. II
@j-lynch • 7 years ago

What's up? My name's John Schroeder (a.k.a. J Lynch). I'm a disciple of Jesus in Reno, NV. I have vowed to never sign a record deal that would take me away from my obligations and God's anointing here in Reno, or wherever He might send me. I've turned down a few deals already. I'm staying faithful. He's planted me in a church out here in Cold Springs (just outside Reno) to build up their discipleship. I'm currently working on a new 52-week discipleship curriculum to help new believers and Christians who've never been discipled  to get in what they missed out on. I lead a worship band here in Reno to serve the local churches (lead vocalist), and I'm also attending Multnomah University, working the first of hopefully three degrees I plan to get (Lord willing), the first being my Bachelor's Degree in Bible & Theology. This summer, I'm learning guitar and Spanish while I finish up the discipleship curriculum with five other pastors and three professors consulting. I'm pretty busy with the church and making music, too. But there's the rub. How do I get my music out there so people can get the message God's given me to share if I don't sign a record deal? I guess the only I answer I have so far is to just reach out and hopefully my brothers and sisters will share my music. I'm not interested in going on tour or trying to make money. I've got God's business to keep me plenty busy. I don't mind doing interviews and stuff like that, or maybe jammin' off to do a concert every now and then, but expenses are tough (travel, room & board, etc.). I just pay for everything myself. No real supporters behind me yet. But... I just dropped my first 'professional' single. Maybe that will change things. I'm working with the second engineer that produced Dr. Dre & Eminem's Chronic 2001. Watch him get saved making my music. haha. We talked about God for an hour the other day when recording this song. He even cut me a sweet deal on recording and wants to work with me again. I'll do my part. Pray the Holy Spirit softens his heart. That would be a cool story if he accepts Jesus as his Lord and Savior.
Anyway, I'd be honored if you check out my new song and if you like it, maybe share it with some people you know. I have a website up with my bio, lots of tracks, a couple videos, and I even put my college papers and sermons on there. I should have a new sermon up Thursday night, hopefully.
I'd be interested in your feedback anyway. All my music is and always will be free, no matter what, so you can download it if you like it. I want nothing to come between the people and the music God's gives me to share, so I will always give my music away. Oh, and keep in mind... every voice you hear on my tracks is me. I change my voice on the fly. I think it's fun and I like the way it sounds.
Well, that's me. I hope you like what you hear. Hit me up, and God bless you. - John

J Lynch
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