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Minister Kaine Thank You
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@hopehop-multimedia-theministerr • 5 years ago

God bless you and yours please take a listen at your leisure all business inquiries are open.

HopeHop Multimedia

Thunder Recordings LLC

Tulsa/Oklahoma City, Oklahoma




                       God speed to you!   TheMinisterr extends his hand of friendship if we can help you toward the advancement of the Lord's Kingdom please dont hesistate to contact us. 


 We are open to networking as we pray for the next level. We can service your station and or companies to the sounds of Theministerr. Your sure to be encouraged. 

HopeHop is a positive vibe for everyone, and uplifting to all. Expose your youth and peers to the truth. 

The album is now on Reverbnation.com/Theministerr and it is free for a limited time!

TheMinisterr fka Minister Kaine

"One night with the King"

HopeHop Multimedia

Thunder Recordings LLC/TMM

Thank you again God bless you. 

HopeHop Multimedia

Thunder Recordings LLC

Tulsa/Oklahoma City, Oklahoma





@hopehop-multimedia-theministerr • 5 years ago • comments: 0
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HopeHop Multimedia, TheMinisterr
About HopeHop Multimedia, TheMinisterr

1. Label name/ artist name: HopeHop Multimedia TheMinisterr

2. Link to Song or Video:TheMinisterr "I Love The Lord" HopeHop Multimedia

3. mp3 : 3 or more tracks

4. IG handle
Twitter handle: /TheMinisterr

Artist Bio:

Antonio McGlothin Sr (TheMinisterr)

HopeHop Multimedia.

We are a not for profit organization focused on inner city youth and mankind as an whole. Located in Tulsa Oklahoma but sharing abroad with the arts,  music and love mixed with common sense we help envelope mankind with love.
To produce a world we all can share!

HopeHop Multimedia presents “I Love the Lord”, the highly anticipated newest single from "TheMinisterr".


HopeHop Multimedia is excited to announce the release of “I Love the Lord” the newest single from Gospel recording artist TheMinisterr. This newest release from the ministry of HopeHop Multimedia is an uplifting, positive track which encourages hope threw Christ. It promotes love from people of all ages.

TheMinisterr keeps striving to provide joy and love in urban communities through his use of the Hope Hop genre. Using music to share the word of God in Christ and bring hope to the masses, “I Love the Lord” is TheMinisterr’s single to encourage hope and love to his listeners. Fans of the previously released “Thank You” and “Church Boy” will find this single uplifting and another track to add to their playlists.

Licensed and ordained in 1996 by the Michigan Baptist council in Flint Michigan, Antonio McGlothin Sr TheMinisterr fka(Minister Kaine) carefully constructs lyrics and music to bring the words of The Gospel to his audiences in all nations!

“I Love the Lord” is the next level of Hope Hop - and one that will not disappoint audiences of all ages. Visit all online stores to stream or donate to receive the single “I Love the Lord”, and head to Twitter (Twitter.com/theMinisterr), for all upcoming information and release notes for further singles.

TheMinisterr "I Love The Lord" HopeHop Multimedia



A portion of all proceeds goes to the WJM Foundation a 501c3 organization
God and all his people
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