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About G.BLESS 72

Aspiring CEO Gerry G.BLESS Brown is his name and there are many works in which he’s created. The works of Gbless are countless, he’s a cartoonist, book author, song writer, vocalist, rapper, designer of board games, motivational speaker, director, etc. He promotes all these creations under the title IRON SHACKLE WORKS or ISW for short. WWW.GBLESS.NET FOR EVEN MORE!!!

Let’s look at his music the album PRO, with songs (Pro and Jumpin on my momma) that inspire the listener to strive to their fullest potential and to avoid domestic violence. The music he brings is real and life strengthening, his next album F.O.E. (Family over Everything) will impact the listener even more. He’s singing, rapper, and co-producing his tracks.

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