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Evidence 322
About Evidence 322

Omari Horus, was born in NY, New York September 3rd, 1985. His family then moved to live in their homeland of Trinidad and Tobago when he was at the age of three. Omari was first baptized into the faith in Trinidad at age twelve and finally moved to Orlando, FL in 1999 after his parents divorced. He first started writing lyrics (secular) approximately when he was fifteen years old. Never serious with the craft until after graduating from High School summer 2003; music became such a passion that he couldn't see himself being anything else in life but an Entertainer.

 During His late teenage years he began falling away from his first love and got caught up in things of this world. Upon his twenty first birth day, slowly his environment started to change for the better. On March, 22nd 2007 the Lord drastically raised his spiritual awareness and he has never been the same since. That is the meaning behind the name God gave him (Evidence322). Evidence means proof or fact; one who bears witness and 322 is the day that he renewed his relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Now even though he still felt a burning inside to Rap, before jumping right into doing Christian music he consulted with both his biological and heavenly Father.

As he continued to profess his faith and be a light to the world, God proved him ready for ministry which began the summer of 2008. He shortly after released his freshman project entitled ‘The Word Through Me’ which was Nominated For Rhythm Of Gospel Award ”Holy Hip Hop CD Of The Year" 2010. Recently being ordained as a youth minister in February 2010 (at ‘The Glorious Church of Christ’; Rev. Trevor C. Belmosa) almost four years after his conversion, Omari continues to reflect the grace that our God has placed upon his life. Currently he has released his NEW Album ‘Tell The World’ December 7th, 2010.

Omari has been quoted in saying, “I'm more than a rapper, now I preach the Gospel. Although the genre of music that I do may be called by many names, I know who I AM in Christ.” He is convicted that this is his purpose and calling; to bring as many souls into the kingdom of heaven by evangelizing the word of God in song. He is commitment to and ecstatic about ministry, looking forward to see where the Lord leads him next. 

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