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Revolution (Intro) Prod. By The Laboratory 7

Revolution (Intro) Prod. By The Laboratory 7

album: The Chozen

genre: Holy Hip Hop

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About X-ALT

This is what I've been told my whole life " I don't think you yourself know the powerful calling God has for you. It's more powerful then you think. Remember these words….. For many are called on, but very few are chosen. You are definitely a chosen." If I can have a quarter for every time I have ever heard that same saying over and over, I would be one of the richest men in America! I have been called to the music ministry at the age of thirteen. I got the calling from God the day I was hanging out in my room listening to the Knowdaverbs album titled "The Action Figure" which on this day I still consider it to the arguably the greatest Christian rap album of all time. This is what the Lord showed me in this vision. A man at a show was interviewing me; the show was a music show. People were cheering and I turned to see the big MTV sign rite above me. I looked out the window and seen a multitude of people chanting my name and holding up signs. It was in the middle of Time Square. The man looked at me and said, "How does it feel to be the first break out Christian rap artist to ever be featured on MTV as a Christian artist and win the hearts of millions of people both in the gospel and in the secular world?" I was like "what???" I didn't get what this vision mean. I remember in this dream that I didn't care about all of that fame at all! I didn't even look that excited to be there. You could clearly tell that i was there for one reason and one reason only, was to make music for God's glory. I got the vision interpreted for me and this is what was said " There is a reason why hundreds of people have called you the chosen. God has chosen you to lead the chosen generation. The secular world is looking for a hero, someone to believe in. The Lord will use you to fulfill that need, to bring millions to Christ in the secular world. The Lord has given you power over your music, Power that will win the hearts all over the world. Throughout the nations people will know your name. People will persecute you because of your calling, people will become jealous and envy you because they don't want you to have the power and they want to posses it. But it's on you. The Lord has given you the authority because he has seen you worthy. You will be a break out star. The whorl will take notice of you. People will praise you. But you will turn to all and say 'do not praise me for I am not worthy to be praised. I do this for one reason and its only for the glory of my Lord and savior Jesus Christ.' The Lord will use you to guide this chosen gene ration out of captivity, and into prosperity. People will see your glow and worship the Lord above." It was unbelievable at first, but I come to learn that I can't doubt the calling of God, no matter how extreme or impossible it might look to the human eye. My name is X-ALT. I'm here to tell the world that I do this to glorify my God. I am chosen for this calling, the world will soon witness the chosen generation lead this world in a powerful revival. The foundation of this world will be shaken, the time has come and the time is now. CHOSEN GENERATION!!! ARISE AND JOIN ME IN THIS MOVEMENT!!!! GOD IS COMING SOON!!!! THE TIME IS NOW!!!!

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