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You Can Make It

You Can Make It

album: Life

genre: Holy Hip Hop

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Tay Clemons
About Tay Clemons

In some cases the most unlikely of unions can produce the most incredible experience by bringing together opposites that would ultimately bring an intimate as well as global change. That’s exactly what happened when a Southern songbird and an Christian mega producer formed a musical venture. Now, Tay Clemons, the first artist to rise from the Elokim Records stable, introduces her brand of Christian with her single, “Free”.

Born and Raised of Fayetteville, North Carolina, Shantavia Clemons also known as “Tay” has been singing since an early age. Her musical talent was evident at the tender age of two when her grandmother noticed her singing, to herself a song that her grandmothers use to sing at her local church.

Throughout her school years she was very involved with music whether performing in talent shows or just in front of any audience who would care to listen, no matter how big or how small; she gained wealth of popularity through her gift of song. After joining a group in high school, they traveled across seas to various parts of Germany performing in various venues. Soon after Tay and the group would then return home only to perform for Motown Records A&R Kurt Woodley.

After auditioning for Motown, the determined group hit local studios to work on a demo. In the summer of 1998, Tay’s perseverance and hard work would earn her and the group a ticket to Atlanta Georgia to begin work on a new album with industry veterans Troy Patterson (Third Street Music Group, Mario), Emanuel Seal (Mariah Cary, Usher), and The Clemons Brothers (Dru Hill, Mary J. Blige, Out Of Eden).

As things began to progress for the group, Tay found herself slowly separating, or shall we say God was separating her. “At that time I had a strong thirst for the word of God” explains the compassionate Tay. Although there was a strong sisterhood with the other members, Tay knew this was a journey she would have to take alone. She decided to move on and sing for the lord, and help spread the gospel of Jesus through her music. “To witness a change I’m pressing for”, says Tay, with all this in mind and hubby super producer Nathan “Phenomenal” Clemons at the wheel, Tay set fourth to record the new album “Life” in their newly built RockLife Recording studio.

“All Because of You is one of the first songs that I have recorded and co-written with my husband for the new project, as well as “Free” and “He Knows" – co-written by Quiana Russau”, says Tay excitingly, who will be released early 2011 on their new record label Elokim Records, a newly formed division of their Elokim Global Media company.

Now, with all the elements in place, Tay’s ministry and sincere compassion will ultimately impact millions. With plans in the near future, to build a foundation that will in fact inspire and build young women with low self esteem and past traumatic experiences, to reach for destiny and to fulfill their purpose.

“There were more people who doubted me than supported me, but I’m glad I didn’t let anything stop me, I’m here to share the gospel, and I know that this is what I am to do.”

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