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Swig LIFE - Don't Want That 2014

Category: People & Blogs
Duration: 00:03:43
J|04|14. Ratchets made righteous. Take a moment to get familiar with these boys.

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"Don't Want That" Lyrics

(CS Schill, SC Manning)

I dont think they want that (2x)(4x)(4X)

[Verse 1: Steve Coleman]
I do not think that they want that
Competition - cuz that’s combat
Struggle & strife much conflict
From rash decisions on split
Neva thought intercourse.. would lead to a life full of obstacles
Was caught up in the moment till you broke all the way down to the molecules
Product of environment?
Blame yo habitat fa yo habits?
Moms and pops fa yo drama?
The matter of fact is we ALL ratchets
I don’t think they want the end results of sellin out
Not a single ounce of faith in all the filth they shellin out
I don’t think that you want yo kids influenced by that tv
They imagination 3D..three times whateva we see
Knowin we pick up dirt like a grave diggin shovel
Pile it high til sin is sittin way tall above us
I don’t think yall really wanna take on these dark powers with your own strength
This is Marvel meets DC in each of these vs you alone for extremely long lengths
I don’t think ya wanna feed wicked infatuations
Be beastin before u kno it…straight puppet ordered by Satan

I don't think..(4x)
I don't think they want that (4x)

[Verse 2: B.O.B.B.Y. Phoenix]
Whatchu you thinkin mayne? Heavy drinkin mayne
Liquor pumpin through the veins while your switchin lanes
The Hurricane got you feelin like the Hulk
At this speed maybe even SuperMayne
Death wish everytime you ride homie
Speed past flyin blind homie
Where your head at in the clouds?
Can't be invincible star power-ups a lie homie
Laws comin boy
Stuck lookin boy
Walking fake lines (uuh) good luck lookin boy
Breathalyzer failed you're done "Book'em" boy
No deaths on your record... still dumb lookin boy
Behind the wheel tippin again brodie
Not alone with your friends brodie
Hear the tires screech then you crash brodie
Really don't think you wanted that brodie
Weight pushin Yo
Fetti cushion Yo
Untouchable Scarface feelin Yo
Thinkin all is well til the Feds lookin Yo
Got a bid sittin in a cell trippin Yo
Play the situation again dunny
Never thought you'd be in the pen dunny
Only you and none of your friends Dunny/
Turned evidence now you in dunny/
Women hangin off your arm bruh/
Feelin certified super star bruh/
Beddin bruh
Everynight huh
Thinkin you livin the sweet life bruh
Ovations from patrons and pals pimpin
Cool guy with all of the gals pimpin/
Feelin some burnin and pause pimpin/
That's the wrong type of applause pimpin/

I don't think..(4x)
I don't think they want that (4x)
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