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Shadow of the Locust "Dancehall Daggers (SOTL, Wisefacts)"

Category: Music
Duration: 00:05:20
Shadow of the Locust - a Mighty Army Cometh, vol.1: "Dancehall Daggers (Elan Brio, Illustrate, the M, Jeremiah Dirt, Samuel Oxymoron, Wisefacts, Wut)"

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Shadow of the Locust - SOTL
About Shadow of the Locust - SOTL

'Shadow of the Locust' has been droppin gems on the street, IN JESUS NAME, for 20+ years.

This crew is known for their Stay-True-to-Underground-Rap Sound.

The membership has ebbed and flowed throughout the years but the music has consistently rattled our skulls with Hype and Hope. Founded by 'Jeremiah Dirt' in the late 90's - the crew is a grouping of solo artists with like-minds in music and ministry, that come together to produce phenomenal Hiphop music.

Check the current membership here: http://www.locustfist.com/the-family-tree.html

SOTL has dropped a new album that is blowing domes: https://shadowofthelocust.bandcamp.com/album/a-mighty-army-cometh-vol-1-a-f

Jesus, King David, Remnant Militia
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