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genre: Holy Hip Hop

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About saylee

Athletes were born for sports, they threw a football ever since they found out they could throw anything, they were playing basketball ever since they were young, they kicked a soccer ball around as soon as they could lift up there legs. Dancers were dancing as soon as they could walk, doing ballet before and after school, break dancing in and out of school. Singers were singing as soon as they could speak, as soon as they found out there were more words and sounds than baby babbling and crying. Geniuses picked up math books and dictionaries while we were hearing bible stories and reciting the alphabet. 

me: i was a wreck-less child, a musician beating on anything with drumsticks in my hand or even chopsticks. I was the annoying kid making beats in class with fists and finger nails tapping the table during your history lesson. Noise was music and music was noise, i was never smart in school, an illiterate teen but i tried my best. Only A i got was in gym class and i was cheating on my push ups. Our heart beats 70 beats per minute and im not that old yet, that means i still have a lot of music left in me and for damn sure i follow my heart..Real Talk.. Love yall and God Bless.

sooo mannnny! :)
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