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The Foreigner

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About Rumble

In the month of August of the year 2007, God saved from the pit of hell the young man named Raymond Johnson. In his magnificent foreknowledge, he already knew that that particular hot day would end with Raymond as his son and no longer just his creation. There was a ministry and a mission inside of the young 19 year old boy that God was ready to begin harnessing. To this day that ministry is still being harnessed, but now the ministry is also being… revealed. Now at the age of 23, Raymond is empowered by his God and ready to do His work. Growing up without a mother and a father in his life, God has brought Raymond a mighty long way and expects to get the glory out of his life. Music has been a passion of Raymond’s for a long time. And for God to let him continue to make music after forsaking all for the gospel is a blessing in his eyes. With the first album, “The Foreigner”, being prepared for the world, Raymond is the face of God and the move of the Spirit. Stay tuned and above all in all your getting get understanding, and with all your options, choose Jesus Christ.

Lecrae, Trip Lee, Pastor AD3 (on the singing side), and many others!!!
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