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2012 Holy Hip Hop Awards

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2012 Holy Hip Hop Awards

2012 Holy Hip Hop Awards
Online EPK Submissions Window Now Open June 27, 2011 Through August 14, 2011

June 27, 2011. Atlanta. Minister eDDie Velez (a/k/a "Da Preachin Puerto Rican") announced today that the 2012 Holy Hip Hop Awards (12th Annual) is now accepting EPK submissions for live perfomance consideration. Over 1,100 live Holy Hip Hop performances by Ministers of the Gospel have been filmed consecutively, in Atlanta, GA, since the year 2000 with aficionados attending in support from over 140 cities, over 40 states and 6 nations. Videography and Filming Courtesy of: Hp4 Digital Works (Christopher 'Play' Martin) and TV partner TBN Affiliate JC-TV. Digital services provided by Freeman MultiMedia. Go Ye DJs and Higher Ground Record Pool are the exclusive DJs of 2012 Holy Hip Hop Awards. Matt. 28:20.

For Holy Hip Hop Awards live performance emcee EPK ministry/music submissions, please register at: http://www.HolyHipHop.org or http://www.ChristianHipHop.com (upload music, bio, photos, video, ministry statement). Selectees will be announced on Wednesday, September 14, 2011. Note: All submissions are reviewed on a first-submitted/first-reviewed basis. There are limited performance slots. For more information, please email: musicawards@holyhiphop.com.

2012 Holy Hip Hop Awards Honorees:

Brinson*Wingy Danejah*DJ Edub*DJ Will*DJ Network*Double*Trip Lee*Eastwood* Dre Murray*Big Prophet*Fedel*Kambino*Ambassador Award: Scott Free; Derrick Woods (MTM); Alex Pagani (Holla-Fest); Trig (HolyCulture)
Honorees are recognized annually for invaluable service, sacrifice, labor and contributions to the community, uplifting and positively impacting the hearts, minds and souls of children, youth and adults, and in furtherance of the world-wide proliferation of Spiritually-Enlightening Holy Hip Hop Ministry, Music and Entertainment Glorifying GOD. James 5:20. Amen.

To View 2002 Holy Hip Hop Music Awards (Lost Footage) (Souled-Out Arena), Click Here (or) click on the following link: Holy Hip Hop Music Awards (Lost Footage) or copy/paste the following code in to your web-browser: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2216349848766511250
To view footage of 2011 Holy Hip Hop Awards, click/copy/paste the following weblink in your web-browser: www.ustream.tv/channel/holy-hip-hop
HOLY HIP HOP AWARDS HONOREES (2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011):
JahWord, Prime Minister, Scribe, Easop, Cross Movement, Pettidee, T-Bone, Chejah, Mark J, D-Hunter, Nolly Williams, BB-Jay, Jaz, Nuwine, Amani, Corey Red, Elle Roc, Urban D, G.R.I.T.S., Precise, Tragedy, Son of Jesse, Godsunz, Lil Raskull, Obadiah-1, Bishop Eddie Long, Tre-9, Lady Kross, Tunnel Rats, Street Sweeperz, G.O.G.'z, Sup The Chemist, Lisa McClendon, Ricardo Flo, Frankie Cutlass, Ambassador, Knowdaverbs, Set-Free, Breeve Eazy, KJ52, Ty Scott, The Priesthood, Mr. Del, HanSoul & Tribe of Judah, I.D.O.L. Kings, STIKK, Carriers of the Cross, Kingsta, Ricky B. & 4Given, Shekinah, Christopher Martin, Sean Slaughter, Todd Bangz, Enock, New Breed, Fros-T, Lil Short/e, DJ Lace, Dynamic Twins, Lee Jerkins, Fiti Futuristic, Canton Jones, J.Silas, Bert Bocachica, Phanatik, L.A. Symphony, Minister Zion, Ritchie Righteous, DJ Maj, Shai Linne, Light, TooBiz, Mars Ill, John The Baptist, Ason, Rawsrvnt, Curtis Jermany, Emc, God's Army, Japhia Life, Tony Stone, Shei Atkins, Bobby Bishop, Lecrae, Knine, J.Kwest, Dynamite X, Kennie Randall, MVP, Floyd Cray, Ephrem Smith, Kay Bizzy, DJ Rapzilla, Da Truth, Tha GIM, Rev.Rap, K-Drama, Mike Mike, Da Minista, Flame, Braille, Sean Blu, 116 Clique, Stephen Wiley, Vic Padilla, LG Wise, Young Prayzr, IROCC, S.O.M., D-M.A.U.B., Gospel Gangstaz, The Great Commission, Danny "D-Boy" Rodriguez (posthumous), Legacy, XROSS, Dice Gamble, Christafari, Kurtis Blow Walker, Josh Niemyjski, Cy, Nova 4 Jehova,DJ I Rock Jesus, Lil Prophet, Rapid Fire, Infamous, DJ D-Lite,The Clergy, Kuntrey Wyte & Pyro, M.A.J.O.R.S, BLAK,Anonymous and J-Blaze, Eternal Soldier: Enock, Che Che Da Supastar, Chris Chicago, Mariaha Markel, ApaulSoul, Mobsters of Light, big Al, Mali Music, Ace Infiniti, C. Micah, Shamel Shiloh, Lil La La, Sho Baraka, MoBigga, Doulos, A-1 S.W.I.F.T., Mr. D-Note, Zion, G-Quinn, Rob Hodge, Messenjah, Halo & Reign, D-Class, SLAVE (posthumous), Jason Hollis, Matt Maddex, Dr. Jonathan Bixby, Alan Riggs

Honorees are recognized annually for invaluable service, sacrifice, labor and contributions to the community, uplifting and positively impacting the hearts, minds and souls of children, youth and adults, and in furtherance of the world-wide proliferation of Spiritually-Enlightening Holy Hip Hop Ministry, Music and Entertainment Glorifying GOD. James 5:20. Amen.
About ChristianHipHop.com: Christian Hip Hop is a global portal dedicated to the advancement and proliferation of the Holy Hip Hop genre of music worldwide. At Christian Hip Hop, artists, djs, labels and producers can create profiles, share video, music, sell mp3s and more. Visitors can listen, watch and read about the latest happenings in the global Holy Hip Hop movement. ChristianHipHop.com also serves as the exclusive emcee/minister EPK music submission portal for the Holy Hip Hop Awards. For more information, please visit: www.ChristianHipHop.com

Holy Hip Hop - Powered by JC-TV
About JC-TV:
Holy Hip Hop Awards Broadcast Partner. JCTV offers a 24/7 blend of high-energy programs, including Christian music videos, extreme sports, concerts and comedy shows. Due to its unique format, JCTV produces and features many programs that cannot be seen anywhere else. The channel, which is programmed for 13-29 year olds, was launched by Trinity Broadcasting Network in 2002. For more information, go to: www.JCTV.org
About Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN):
TBN is the largest and most requested faith-based network in the U.S. With a combination of family-friendly programming and exclusive movies, concerts and specials, it consistently ranks number one in Nielsen rankings of faith-based channels. TBN is currently available to 92 percent of total U.S. households. For more information, go to: www.TBNNetworks.com

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