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I'm Free

I'm Free

album: A Lyrical Speaker For The Kingdom

genre: Holy Hip Hop

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Mr. Church Boy
About Mr. Church Boy

In today’s society, people are still trying to define the real and true meaning of hip-hop. Eric Edwards aka Mr. Church Boy feels that Hip-Hop is an expression of ones values, customs, and beliefs through lyrical poetry and song. He believes in God and through songs he expressed to others about his relationship with God. Mr. Church Boy has already performed at numerous churches and venues in Columbus and Atlanta, GA. No matter where he goes, people get so excited to hear about God in a way they can relate. Mr. Church Boy is a new addition to the definition of Hip-Hop while sharing his values and beliefs to the masses. Not only is Mr. Church Boy a recording artist but he is a professional cook, skilled in martial arts, music producer and a percussionist for Higher Power Outreach Ministries in Phoenix City, AL.  He is a firm believer in Jesus Christ and he is never scared or ashamed to give God the praise in his life and music.  




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