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Milla (Spiritual Hip Hop Artist)

user image 2015-04-12
By: Milla
Posted in: How I Became A Spiritual Hip Hop Artist)

Ill begin with saying that my past was not a bed of roses. I was born in kansas city mo yet grew up here in austin tx. During and after graduating from high school life for me took sort of a wrong turn. So i have been through some struggling times up until 2005 when i decided to change up from certain things (long story short). Other than that i am easy going and down to earth. i grew up attending a baptist church. personally i feel that would be the best choice regarding my spiritual side. i would also consider non denominational depending on the church. I have been baptized along with experienced in sharing my belief. I would not say that im complete in my walk because i have long to go. I also struggle with temptation and sin yet have managed to over come a few sins. Now im in a new space in life hoping for better days. I dont drink or smoke. i prefer going to the gym and getting into shape. At least i wake up feeling good that way:) I know from experience and that tends to be the best teacher. I began doing what they call secular music up until i found myself with a desire to get turn from worldly things and move on a spiritual journey. So i decided to convert my lyrics to being based on spirituality rather than glorifying sin. This is the gift that i am blessed with and right now i am satisfied with it being a tool to deliver a holy message. Hope you enjoy

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