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Milla (Spiritual Hip Hop Artist)

user image 2015-04-12
By: Milla
Posted in: How I Became A Spiritual Hip Hop Artist)

I was born in Kansas City MO  yet raising in Austin TX. My first spiritual experience began in a baptist church. Unfortunately i found myself getting caught up in allot of things of this world. I come from a very troubled past of hardship and drama (Long Story Short) I first began doing what would be considered secular hip hop as i was more into worldy things. Now that my life has shifted more towards being spiritual i decided to convert my music to suit it. Doing music such as making hip hop tracks has been my blessed talent and personal outlet for a while now. I am deciding to to use it in a different way to help fulfill my purpose as a spiritual believer such as delivering a gospel message in my lyrics. To me that is my main purpose for doing this.. If i happen to come across anything that will enhance my music then im all for it.. Other than that this is for those who enjoy hip hop yet on a spiritual level. 

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