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Summer Nights

Summer Nights

album: Parables

genre: Holy Hip Hop

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audio file: mp3, 5.2MB, 00:03:48

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About kalledout

kalledout was originally formed in the year 2000 with five young guys. Over the years, however, God has changed the look and sound of the group. Now just duo consisting of Doc Roe and Bobby Westfall, they are always willing to stretch the limits creatively and never staying in one particular style too long. They have even went as far creating a new genre of music that they call Hip-Pop. They are devout Christian guys with a heart for people.. Kalledout does most of its ministering outside of the church walls, so they call themselves Hip-Pop Musicianaries. To learn more about kalledout and the ministries they are involved in please visit www.kalledout.com.


kalledout released their debut cd "Parables" on Feb. 15, 2011. "Parables" was produced by K-Drama, with 2 tracks from Tony Stone and mastered by Tommy T-Dogg Levechi. "Parables" is a collection of stories that are relatable to each of us, that also have a "Godly Twist", meaning at the root of each story is a message of Christ and the love, joy, freedom, forgiveness, grace, and peace that having a true personal relationship with Him brings. Pick your copy up on iTunes, amazon, cdbaby, etc.

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