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Artist: Jastin Artis
Genre: Hip-hop & Rap
Duration: 00:01:00

DJ Khaled says, "THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO MAKE IT! SO WHAT YOU DO? YOU MAKE IT!!" I want to encourage everyone you can do anything no matter what people say to you or say behind your back!! I'm proof and continue to be!! Viist: www.justapuppet.com facebook.com/jastinartis IG/Twitter: @jastinartis Lyrics: Poem intro: they marvel in Aw of what you do. the odds that even out in your favor keeps them hating you. they're darkness gives color to your glow..so...let em' know. Hook: they think you won't make it/they think you can't shake em/think it's a game, they, watch you playing/ they don't think you can do it/so you do it X2 they think you won't make it/they think you can't shake em/think it's a game, they, watch you playing/ they don't know/let em' know X2 Verse 1: Eyes on me, to watch me make it/I heard you, that I won't make it/never said it to my face/what cha you think/I'd never hear it/by all means I'm not feared by what you never seen/you took a crack at love - now a pehien for my dreams/you say/they say something in common/I'ma a legend only Jastin Artis/solid as the hardest/most consistent/you set a goal --straight missed it/I'm ticking/wait to blow/wipe ya nose/cause ya words stink/watch me too hard, I made it - you blink/ratchet comments is the only defense for my offense/you won't cross that line - taking a peek ...over da fence/watch ya mouth/word of mouth Ludda talked about/Dont like my post, but you turnt up - jamming with da doors closed/haters need love too/ulcers on these hitters/ one hole to shine - I just poked through/oooo Hook Verse 2: First time I signed with friends/it was short lived/not long before I'm at the same event, on the same bill with them/ say I wasn't commercial/can't lie, that was hurtful/i built a legacy Wall like John/no wizard can't play off my grind/ya only leverage is on tv/empty a dead man's chest, to see his royalties - blessed/BMI - (better man inside) cause I tried/in any moment I will rise/hip-hop Renaissance live/hone my skill to da most high - the dopest boy loves me/my lyrical scripture writes with the pen again/the book of AI - IG the images/I'm super human/feeling bad energy/family is ya enemy/praying on my downfall as if I'm Biggie/Khalid, they don't want you to make it/they don't want me to take it/they will make more noise when I Drake it/I see ya nod, I made it Bridge vocal: Force to bring it to ya face saying I won't make it/cut your life support, I'm the doctor with no patients/success in my DNA - your words will never break it/closet people to you cant love higher than the basement/Everything you do is all talk for entertainment/no credit limit for your friendship looking for a payment/if I fall short I'm still tall by no amazement/little do they know my vision views i done made it/they whatttt.. Hook Copyright 2017 by Jastin Artis.

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Jastin Artis
About Jastin Artis


Due to a tragic groin injury playing basketball at NC A&T State University in 2006 I dropped out of college. Seven surgeries later, in ten years, and time with God, I've grown into the Artis I want to be; but more the man. My physical ailment made me reshape the genre I love, hip- hop; but because of the struggle I've elevated the genre a bit. I fuse hip-hop, alternative, spoken-word, and my love for God into a new genre called hip-hop renaissance. Being a three-time published poet and a musician playing acoustic and electric guitar; both have become a part of my signature sound.  Musically, I am the bridge to where you want to be. I have released six projects. First, The Birth of Jastin Artis Vol. 1 (Feb. 2010); second, The Birth of Jastin Artis Vol. 2 *RISE OF THE PHOENIX* (Aug. 2010); third, From Death to Destiny (Aug. 2011), fourth, Brand with Purpose EP (Jan. 2013); fifth, This Journey in Fall 2014; sixth, Don’t Sleep THE ALBUM, in Jan. 2016, a joint album with female gospel artist, His Image. Seventh, Nimbus EP, in summer of 2016.  Along the way singles in the mist of these full projects like I’m Coming Up or TDK. And before 2018, The eighth and ninth projects will be the love and pain album, The Separation 1 &2 and Love in Darkness.


New Genre: Hip- Hop Renaissance

This blend of gospel, hip-hop, alternative, and spoken- word took years to cultivate. The gospel genre lets the world know I am believer. I make a reference to God in everything I do and I love sharing that. But aside from God representing love He also represents being “better” and “elevation.” I use the other elements to share my perspective and rawness of being creative and being human. My music is made to fit the setting of the fan using emotions and real-life topics many artists don’t usually talk about. I am the new dimension in music.



Sharing what I’ve learned and creating music are my methods to help elevate people and push them to be better. My goal of making music is to point out subjects we overlook and pretend we don’t care about but do. Music is a way of healing, learning, releasing, and becoming new. Of course, it is a personal release for me but at the end of the day God tells me what to write about while making it unique. So many times, in positive music we say the solution and not acknowledging our feelings. I’m here to state the pain AND give a solution. Also, discussing real human emotions and feelings is key too. And of course, explore the greatness of life being good and those things we all should appreciate. I grow with my fans and my fans grow with me into better men and women.


Justapuppet Brand

The Justapuppet brand is about closing the gap and being the example through music. I first heard the term and phrase from my guitarist, “He’s the Master and I’m just a puppet.” I thought it was so clever and ran with it. My brand is about growth in music and even as a man. My talent doesn’t stop at music; I’m also audio engineering, technical writing, and web content. I want to represent the spirit of God in all I do, using the talents He gave me. Thus, I am the bridge from where you are to where you want to be.


E: jartisproject@gmail.com

W: justapuppet.com


Social Media:

Twitter|Instagram: @jastinartis

SnapChat: jartis22

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