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Living A Life Pleasing To Your Sight

Living A Life Pleasing To Your Sight

album: Universal Sounds of Gospel Music

genre: Holy Hip Hop

streams: 105

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Edrica Michele 1
About Edrica Michele 1

Music has always been a strong influence in the life of Edrica Michele. She grew up around family members that have a strong foundation in music.  In fact her mom is a musician. She has been playing piano since the age of three and has been playing for churches since the age of twelve. Her grandfather plays the piano and the organ as well. He plays all genres of music, including gospel, jazz, and classical. He inherited his musical talents from his mother. Therefore, Edrica is the fourth generation of musicians in her family. When she was seven years old she realized that she had a gift to compose music. Every Saturday morning she would try to play tunes from cartoons by ear. Eventually, she started to compose her own music using basic chord progression.

Later in her musical career, she started to develop many composition skills by entering into the educational music programs such as orchrastra and symphonic band from elementary school to College. Morris Brown College is where she started to progress in her talent by studying in their music education program.  There she took entry level piano class and music theory classes that taught her the fundamentals of music. After attending Morris Brown for two years, she transferred to American Intercontinental University were she studied media production- audio concentration. There at American InterContinental University she gained knowledge concerning electronic music and audio engineering. She also learned how to properly record and mix tracks. These programs gave her a solid foundation on music production.

Recently, she has been composing and producing music for upcoming artist in Atlanta, GA in Hip-Hop, R&B, Gospel, Country and Rock. She loves to produce many genres of music because it gives her the opportunity to express herself without limitations. The music she produces is all positive. She wants to show the world that you can make a hit record without having to use profane and vulgar language. It is her opinion that individuals should use their music to help their community and not tear it down. Edrica Edwards quotes “Yes, music is used as an element of freedom of expression but you can still get your point across without portraying violence and explicit sexual content in lyrics”. Now Edrica Michele is showing the world that she is an gospel artist ready to shine her light unto the world.

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