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God`s Got a Plan

God`s Got a Plan

album: Past, Present, Future

genre: Holy Hip Hop

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DJ Bigg
About DJ Bigg

Bryan Byers, aka DJ Bigg, was born and raised in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada, where his father pastors at Solid Rock Ministries Church. Growing up he was always involved in ministry, music, and art. At age 15, he attended his first Christian hip hop concert, and after that he was hooked! He spent countless hours writing rhymes and making beats, which led him to record his first CD, Kingdom Relevance, through his church's production company, Kingdom Relevant Productions, in 2009. In 2010, he started hanging around the wrong crowd which led to the party life, drugs and alcohol, and gang activity. In 2012, he was arrested for trafficking of a controlled substance. It was then he realized that the world had nothing for him. Now hungrier for God than ever, DJ Bigg is back and creating Christian hip hop music. His intention is to help people avoid the garbage he went through by using music to share his testimony and pointing them to Christ. 
Bryan: Some people ask me why my name is DJ Bigg. Well here it is, DJ Bigg stands for Display Jesus Bigg, and that's what my heart is to do through my music. Some people say, “Well, why two g's? Why not just one?” Bigg also stands for Believe In God’s Grace, and it's only by God’s grace that I am here today doing this and will carry on doing this.

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