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Thief's Plea - didactic (@Didactic138)

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Duration: 00:03:35
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This song was inspired by the second last word of Jesus on the cross to the penitent thief. It is from the thief's perspective, pleading with the other thief to believe Christ.

Stop with the disdain that you hurl (Luke 23:39)
Know how His days have unfurled, before this Place of a Skull (Mark 15:22)
With a plot, they opposed Him (Matthew 26:3-5) and He not once bemoaned
They brought Him to those at odds with what He taught to the folks (John 18:12-14)
Yelled to crucify this Man whom they awfully loathe (Luke 23:20-23)
I heard He said He would die (Luke 18:31-33; Matthew 17:22-23, 26:2), His followers thought that He won't (Matthew 16:21-23)
Thought their Messiah would free them; now on the cross we behold
And treat Him like He's already dead, casting lots for His robe (John 19:23-24)
The people stop and they joke, Him they watch and provoke
To come down from the cross, to see Him drop so they know
That He's the Christ that God chose (Luke 23:35), I look on surprised how composed
He is, agonized as He groans, even despised by His own
I was in the rowdy crowd, all cheering for flogging
Now the shouts continue, I'm overhearing them talking
Everyone nearing His cross is... jeering and scoffing
With the rulers and soldiers, all sneering and mocking (Luke 23:35-37)
Screaming demeaning words, blaspheming, wagging their heads
At His feet, a small group's mourning, all others are laughing instead (Mark 15:29-30)
They're all looking, but not seeing (Matthew 13:14-15), He's rejected for not leading
Them into peace and freedom, believing He's caught deceiving (Matthew 26:63-66; Mark 14:61-64)
Seeming He riled up false hope, I reviled Him also (Matthew 27:44)
Until it hit me and I noticed how vile and how cold
They act to a dying man; like them, you're an impious wretch
Do you not fear God, having the same judgment? Your demise is next! (Luke 23:40)

So how do you plead? Now do you see?
This Man is the King and all will bow on their knees (Isaiah 45:23)
And we will see Him coming on the clouds with glory (Revelation 1:7)
So make a vow to receive; don't denounce, but believe!
He's in the centre, you're either right or you're left
The Suffering Servant (Isaiah 42:1-4, 49:1-6, 50:4-9, 52:13-53:12), it's for your life that He bled
He came to rise and ascend, to pay the price of your debt
What humankind can't attempt; so don't deny, but accept!

This just Man hurt nobody, now He's hanging between us two
We're being punished justly, receiving our just due
I'm confused; He's innocent, but has no grudge, He's calm
We deserve this, but this Man has done nothing wrong (Luke 23:41)
I got this tree for my sin and I'm dying in the midst
Pain intensifying from the wrists, I'm writhing, can't persist
But He was convicted (Mark 15:15), affixed (Isaiah 53:5; Mark 15:25), inflicted with spit (Matthew 26:67-68, 27:30; Mark 14:65, 15:19), hits (Luke 22:63-65; John 18:22-23, 19:3), and whips (Matthew 27:26; John 19:1,16)
Afflicted, His skin's ripped, He's stripped of His garments (Matthew 27:28-29) and yet He gives
Forgiveness to any claiming guilt those decrying say is His
They even cursed themselves while denying who He is (Matthew 27:24-25)
His enemies, they envy (Matthew 27:18), His closest friends, they left, fleed (Mark 14:50)
Frankly, how's He not angry at the contempt? He must be heavenly
Doesn't act human; so marred with scars, doesn't look it either (Isaiah 52:14)
He took the heat, spurned; and now He overlooks them, eager
To show mercy; falsely accused, yet was a silence-keeper (Matthew 26:59-63; Mark 14:55-61)
Never seen a serener demeanor, just violent pleaders
And now as they try persuade Him to save His life to place
Their faith in Him (Matthew 27:41-43), how could He be so nice to say
"Father, forgive them" (Luke 23:34)? As they criticize, He prays!
So with mortifying aches, death nigh, crucified, I stake
My life on Jesus, turning to Him in my restraint
Seeking His defiant grace, I cry and gaze and I exclaim
Remember me when, in Your kingdom, You arrive to reign
"Truly, I do say, you will be with Me in Paradise today" (Luke 23:42-43)
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