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Free Now feat. Anyerin Drury

Free Now feat. Anyerin Drury

album: Beautiful

genre: Holy Hip Hop

streams: 373

audio file: mp3, 7.1MB, 00:03:07

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Dice Gamble
About Dice Gamble

Dice Gamble is an internationally known rapper, writer, poet, producer, vocal arranger, singer, worshipper, songwriter, label owner of Ditty Ink, and evolving woman of God who hails from Evansville, Indiana.

Dice’s five studio albums, mixtapes, and world-wide features have boldly displayed her faith via raw truth and straightforward lyrics. Her awards and nominations include those from: The Fellowship of Holy Hip Hop, YGEA, Kingdom Choice Awards, and the Gospel Choice Awards.

Dice Gamble ministers, teaches, and mentors at youth conferences, rallies, detention centers, churches, and events around the world. Committed to a lifestyle of faith, Dice is a licensed minister through The Carter Theological Institute of Ministry. She is currently touring to promote her new album, BEAUTIFUL, which is a testament of her journey through brokenness and chaos as she fought to embrace hope and defy the odds.

“I hope that through my gifts people are encouraged to dig deeper into their faith and relationship with God. I pray that my testimonies are light to those that feel alone, broken, and helpless. I want everyone to know that no matter how many mistakes they have made, God is still working in their lives. The fact that God never leaves us nor forsakes us should make us all feel BEAUTIFUL every day!”––Dice Gamble

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