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Destiny Lab "BELLY OF THE BEAST" Featuring Wut Metaphysical

Category: Music
Duration: 00:05:08
This is a collaboration project featuring Wut Metaphysical from the Shadow of the Locust crew. This song is part of our "Concocted Collabos 1" album which can be downloaded for FREE at http://www.reverbnation.com/destinylab


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You can support what we do by buying all 3 of our cd's for only $25 which includes 54 songs in all at http://destinylab.com! Or download our music through CD Baby, Itunes, Amazon and most other digital sites. Stay tuned for our 4th album which is in the works now!!

Destiny Lab has been behind the scenes for decades preparing this music for this day and age, and now is the time for it to be shared with the masses. Special thanks to Michael Myers at PIC DEATHR-AD for helping to create this official Destiny Lab video.

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Destiny Lab
About Destiny Lab

Destiny Lab is a very unique Christian hip hop duo dedicated to; the exploration, discovery, understanding and the truth about the mysteries of man and nature. We are passionate about making music with meaning and purpose. Our music asks the listener life examining questions that demand answers. We witness and reason to others about the truth through the word of God and the self-evidence of that which He has made. We dabble in obscure subjects such as; evolution, creation, the new age deception, 2012, aliens, UFOS, the nephilim giants, dinosaurs, man, the origins of mythology, cryptozoology, and ancient technology. We look at these subjects to see how all these things tie into the truth of Biblical prophecy. When all of these subjects are looked at from a Christian worldview, the truth is revealed. Although, these subjects are interesting to study and debate our real goal is be instruments of God\'s will while breaking down the barriers and obstacles that the enemy has put into place that keep people from the truth that can only be found in Jesus Christ. He is truly the reason we do what we do. 

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