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Artist: Destiny Lab
Genre: Hip-hop & Rap
Duration: 00:03:52

Destiny Lab cd's: http://destinylab.com Download online: http://cdbaby.com/Artist/DestinyLab Listen to our new podcast: http://diggingforthetruth.podomatic.com/ ROBOPHOBIA VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFyXm-HfYBU As technology continues to grow exponentially we are moving closer and closer to a robophobic time in which every single humans data fingerprint will be gathered and uploaded into a type of hive mind. The questions is....is this something new or something very ancient? Is this simply alchemy and black magic being disguised as technology without the masses knowing? Could a machine be created that is not powered by electricity or gas but by the intent and demonic influence of a group of people like a giant ouija board? Mind control technology, social media, and wearable technology will move us toward a point in which each persons life will be harvested and stored in digital grainaries....but for what purpose? This information could then be extrapolated in the future like a type of digitized archaeology. Your great grand kids may be able to interact with a recreated avatar version of you that looked indistinguishable from reality and could be rewound like a type of time machine that could play back your entire life events as they happened. All of your social media, life events audio recordings and perhaps even thoughts could be uploaded into this recreated version of you to serve as future entertainment. You reality is most probably being digitally molded and mapped real time with a type of 3 dimensional grid that could be used for a variety of different purposes. As technology becomes more universal and streamlined to the point of a universal tower of babel recreation or image that will speak for all of mankind. Could every mind that agrees to this download be the mark of the beast? Could the image of the beast actually be a robot that will promise peace and goodwill on earth based upon this universal consciousness that will create a world without secrets? Only time will tell......

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Destiny Lab
About Destiny Lab

Destiny Lab is a very unique Christian hip hop duo dedicated to; the exploration, discovery, understanding and the truth about the mysteries of man and nature. We are passionate about making music with meaning and purpose. Our music asks the listener life examining questions that demand answers. We witness and reason to others about the truth through the word of God and the self-evidence of that which He has made. We dabble in obscure subjects such as; evolution, creation, the new age deception, 2012, aliens, UFOS, the nephilim giants, dinosaurs, man, the origins of mythology, cryptozoology, and ancient technology. We look at these subjects to see how all these things tie into the truth of Biblical prophecy. When all of these subjects are looked at from a Christian worldview, the truth is revealed. Although, these subjects are interesting to study and debate our real goal is be instruments of God\'s will while breaking down the barriers and obstacles that the enemy has put into place that keep people from the truth that can only be found in Jesus Christ. He is truly the reason we do what we do. 

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