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Let's Go get Em Ft. Rob Redeemed

Let's Go get Em Ft. Rob Redeemed

album: The Boss Is In

genre: Holy Hip Hop

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About BigBoiHurt

One day, GOD went to Tennessee and rescued a young man out of a life of sin by way of drugs, alcohol, gangs, and violence. He reached out to Harold "Big Boi Hurt" Johnson and let him know that the plans he had for him are bigger than the plans Big Boi Hurt had for himself. On GOD's word, Harold

"Big Boi Hurt" Johnson created the idea, BLESSED ENTERTAINMENT in mid 2004.

Big Boi Hurt believes that a person's innerman is what makes them be who they are and he believes that if they give GOD the opportunity to help them change their innerman, their outward appearance does not have to change. Many people are judged by their outward appearance, for instance the clothes they wear, the jewelry they wear, the vehicles they drive. Those material things are not what makes a person be who they are. So, Big Boi Hurt wants to share with the world the knowledge that you can be who you really are and still live your life for JESUS CHRIST. His passion is to show the people in the streets that you can still rock the fashion, and jewels, and rims and enjoy life AND serve the KINGDOM OF JESUS CHRIST. GOD is "OK" with a person having those things, just don't let those things have you.

Big Boi Hurt believes that when the different sounds and styles and genres of music are moving together and working together, there will be a mighty shout that will bring down the walls of sin and collapse the walls of evil and the glory of the Lord will be revealed. He wants to impact the world with the different classifications of entertainment, like RAP/HIP-HOP, spoken word, comedy, R&P, praise dance teams and any other means of communication that will reach the people and make them aware of the LOVE of CHRIST for them.

Big Boi Hurt's mission was revealed to him in Joshua, Chapter 6, Verse 5: "When you hear them sound a long blast on the trumpets, have all the people give a loud shout; then the wall of the city will collapse and the people will go up, every man straight in."

Big Boi Hurt was called into music to managing artists, and also to become an artist. With lyrics in his head and beats in his ear, Big Boi Hurt put them together to create his first song Street Walker in 2012. Other songs followed soon after and in 2013 he would go on to release his first video for Street Walker and get ready to release his first project entitled “The Boss Is In”. The album is said to help encourage, entertain, and bridge a gap between people out of the church and people in the church. Big Boi Hurt believes that this project will stake his claim into the music industry. He is traveling as many places he can and helping Street Walkers for Christ rise up and start a movement for the Kingdom to take the gospel to the streets.

Big Boi Hurt’s name means: "I use to hurt God’s heart, now I am hurting the devil one soul at a time!! Let's Go Get Em!!!"

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