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Tanks is heavy Demo

Tanks is heavy Demo

album: Stop the Invasion Mix-tape

genre: Holy Hip Hop

streams: 176

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About 7vnseal

Robert Encinas Jr. Born: August 28, 1980 in Phoenix, Arizona. Interesting Facts about 7vnseal • 7vnseal went prior by the name, Vizion. He later dropped it and picked up the name, 80proof The Illa Instinct. To later kill that name and Birth out 7vnseal A.K.A God’s Dagger. • 7vnseal’ first collababoration with Beretta 9 of Wu-tang family Killarmy,’’Raining’’ Became a Classic in the Underground Music scene. Early Life: As a kid, 7vnseal grew up in a unstable atmosphere surrounded by verbal and even at times physical abuse. 7vnseal new that at one point things had to change, hence the reason why he resorted to Gang-affiliations and the attitude of a street hustler. 7vnseal was no ordinary boy, all way’s going against the grain being raised up with a type of hate to the world, that truly only God could Save him. Shortly after meddling in rapping around the age of 16, 7vnseal decided to take it one step at a time. From doing free-style at local Party locations to engaging in live battle contest on the Radio. In early o7’, former 80proof linked up with Beretta 9 of Wu-tang affiliated group ‘’Killarmy’’. He started working with Beretta on a single that launched him from a typical street rapper into a career mode attitude. Later down the road, He connected with Dom Pachino as well with ‘’Killarmy’’, to drop another single that wasn’t fully re-leased on the Radio. Doing Interviews almost any where he could, a Star was being formed in the ‘’Worlds Terms’’. In Late 07-08’, 7vnseal linked up with world famous ‘’Shyheim the Manchild’’ known to be part of Wu-Tang Killa Bees. Working on a single with Shyheim, He signed with CCR/UNIVERSAL Management. All this didn’t matter until one day on March 16, 2009. 80proof was called by the Lord of Glory to come home. Hearing a Pastor tell him thus saith the Lord, Repent and turn from your ways, there is no more chances for you. He heard the Call! Knowing that all he had done in life 80proof should have been in Prison for attempted murder, Dead from a drug overdose, Murdered from Gang affiliations. God has truly showed up and has chosen Robert, to become a Man of God. Now residing at the Ministry of Bishop Donny Banks and Prophetess Jackie banks ‘’Victory Gospel Chapel’’, In San Antonio Texas. There Robert has changed his life around and given it all to Christ. Now a servant of the Most High God, Ready to spread the Gospel in anyway the Lord wants to use him. From being in the battle field most of his Life; he is ready to war in the Spirit for others and for his family and self. The Glory of God and his Anointing is visible in his Fruits and integrity as a Man of God. 7vnseal had been Born and Behold he will do a new thing according to the Word of God in the Book of Isaiah 43:19 For Discography: Visit www.7vnseal.com

Holy Spirit
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