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About JGP

“What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul?” ~ Yeshua (Jesus)

 Before becoming a believer JGP played in bands starting as young as the age of 14 years old. Throughout those years he has been the vocalist for 2 metal bands, guitar player for a punk rock band, recorded hip hop tracks and owned his own recording studio.

 His testimony of transformation is nothing less than a miracle. After becoming a believer in the Messiah, he decided to take a break from music to learn the scriptures, and become closer to Him. He felt like God had taken his abilities away after his transformation, and he wasn’t sure if he would ever see them again.

 In 2013 a record label called Nkosi Records was formed in Evansville Indiana. Being involved in leadership with Nkosi Records, JGP never thought he would get back into making his own music.His focus was on helping others perfect their craft. Nkosi artist, Yung Kriss, gave JGP the opportunity to be a feature on his mix-tape “Church Music”, which would be his first track in over 6 years.

 Later, record label owner Brian Turpin had asked JGP to pray about signing to the label with the goal of reaching the lost sheep of the House of Israel, the Jews, and edifying the Messianic/Hebrew Roots congregation. He received confirmation from family and the beginning to this journey begins.

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