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Tha Only One

Tha Only One


genre: Holy Hip Hop

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Butha War (of Bruthaz Grimm)
About Butha War (of Bruthaz Grimm)

BRUTHA WAR has recorded 3 nationwide releases as a member of BRUTHAZ GRIMM from 1998-2000 on grapetree records. The titles of the BRUTHAZ GRIMM releases were: "He's Coming" / "Letter 2 Tha Bruthaz" / & "..And things will never be the same". Some standout songs that BRUTHA WAR aka SILAS recorded with BRUTHAZ GRIMM were: "Who Am I 2 Judge"/ " In Satan's Name" / "Darkest Hour" / "Counted Sorrows"/ "Be Not Envious" / & "Parrots". 

BRUTHA WAR is currently seeking more distribution, promotion, & production. If you are interested in contributing or providing connections to this ministry movement please contact BRUTHA WAR directly at: bruthawar@gmail.com

Barretta Oracle
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