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Welcome to Holy Hip Hop. Our Mission is to Take the Gospel to the Streets through the global proliferation of Spiritually-Enlightening Holy Hip Hop Ministry, Music & Entertainment Glorifying the LORD.  We appreciate you visiting us. Thank you for your Prayers and Support. May GOD Bless you always.
Psalms 146:10

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If you are interested in becoming a volunteer HolyHipHop.com representative in your community or school, please send a brief letter of interest and a copy of your qualifications (for consideration) to the address listed below. Thank you for your interest and God Bless you. James 5:20. Amen.


I understand that nothing in submittal to Fellowship of Holy Hip Hop/HolyHipHop.com, in Holy Hip Hop, Inc. statements of personnel policies, or in my communication with any employee or official is intended to create an employment contract with me, and that my association with the company is entered into voluntarily that I may resign at any time. Similarly my contract may be terminated with or without cause at any time without prior notice. 

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